Dunlop BIOMIMETIC Max Squash Racket

Dunlop BIOMIMETIC Max Squash Racket
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Racket played by Ramy Ashour. A racket for every advanced club or intermediate player. It offers feeling and control coupled with maximum power and an open heart design.

Weight (strung): 155 g
Weight (unstrung): 140 g
Head size: 500 cm²
Balance: Grip heavy
Technology: New BIOMIMETIC Tehcnology
Colour white / black

BIOMIMETIC Tehcnology is design and technology inspired by nature.
Dunlop combines the natural evolutionary developments over millions of years with top technology and the materials of the modern world.

Three beimimetric elements are used in the racket construction:

1. The unique "shark skin" inspires the racket surface
- the structure avoids small local turbulences
- the air flow slides gently over the racket surface
- the air resistance is reduced by up to 25%
-> better racket speed for more power

2. The "honeycomb" is used as basis for the material structure
- ultra high modulus carbon fibres worked in a hexagonal structure
- placed between aerogel/ graphite layers
- the force created by the ball contact is spread evenly through the HM6 Carbon
- cushions unwanted racket vibration by up to 10%
-> improved feeling

3. The grip band structure is inspired by the gecko’s feet
- unique surface treatment
- perforated structure for extra moisture reduction
- offers up to 50% more grip and adhesion
-> improved control, the feel and the precision

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